Battle of the Breakfast Tacos

In one corner, we have the “Diner Breakfast Tacos” from Eat Like You Give a Damn by Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten; and in the other corner, we have the “Supreme Bacon, Scramble and Cheese Tacos” from The Taco Cleanse by Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris.  Who will be named the champ?  Let’s find out…

The Diner Breakfast Tacos come out swinging with a delicious single-pan taco filling concoction comprised of potatoes, onion, vegan sausage, tofu, spinach and spices.  It comes together beautifully.  Quite swoon-worthy.

DSC_0004 (1).jpg

But the secret weapon of this taco is baking the tortillas with some cheese shreds before filling.  Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

DSC_0003 (1).jpg

Put these together, and it’s quite a one-two punch.  The recipe calls for adding salsa, sour cream and/or avocado, all of which would be fun but none of which are necessary.  These tacos are delightful as is.

DSC_0005 (1).jpg

And what does the Supreme Bacon, Scramble and Cheese Taco have up its sleeve?  While the tacos above are light and nimble on their feet, happy to spar and trade jabs, these Supreme Tacos are big, heavy sluggers.  Three different components come together in a corn tortilla, and it’s quite a feast.  First, there’s tasty tempeh bacon cubes with a perfectly balanced, scrumptious mix of flavors.


Next comes a deliciously flavored tofu “scramble” that goes heavy on the nutritional yeast (yum!).  The word scramble is in quotes because this is a baked tofu treatment, and while the authors call it a scramble, it’s certainly not a traditional one.  It is, however, wonderful and quite simple to prepare.


The final filling element for this taco is a cheese sauce.  There are recipes for home-made sauces in the book, and I bet they’re great, but I used the Heidi Ho Organics Creamy Chia Cheeze, which never disappoints and takes two seconds to heat up.


Put all of that together and you’ve got a knockout punch of taste and texture.


So who gets the trophy?  I’ve conferred with the judges and it’s… a TIE!  These are both insanely good tacos that will make you happy at any time of day (breakfast tacos for dinner has become quite popular around here).  While they are very different, they are both perfect.  It simply comes down to what you’re in the mood for.

I recommend picking up both books (every recipe I’ve made from both of them has been excellent), but if you google these specific recipes, you’ll find them reprinted in something that seems to be called google books.  I am not familiar with this platform and don’t know if it’s done with author permission, so I’m not linking here, but it’s easily located if you’re so inclined.  But again, BUY THESE BOOKS!

Enjoy!  xo

The Easiest Tacos Ever

These tacos are absurdly easy to make and they’re super tasty, the perfect thing to throw together when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time cooking.  All you need to do is heat a little oil in a pan and add a package of Yves Meatless Ground.  To this you will pour in the salsa of your choice.  I used Frontera’s Double Roasted Tomato this time, but I’ve also used all kinds of other salsas.  As long as you like the salsa, you will like the results. Start with about a half cup of salsa and see if you like the consistency.  Add as much as you want!  Cook this until it’s heated through.

Meanwhile, prepare the toppings of your choice.  On this particular day, I just chopped up a little romaine, sliced a few cherry tomatoes and cut up an avocado (I sprinkled a bit of lime juice and salt on the avocado).  You’ll also want the rest of the jarred salsa on hand for those who want a bit more.  You can put whatever you want on these things:  vegan sour cream, cheese shreds, super hot sauce.  Anything goes.


The final step is to heat up some crispy taco shells for about 5 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven.  Once they’re out, fill them up and dinner is served.  I told you they were crazy easy!


Enjoy!  xo