Sexy Tacos

The “Grilled ‘Fish’ Tacos” from Brian Patton’s The Sexy Vegan Cookbook are insanely good.  I absolutely love them, and so does everyone I’ve ever served them to.  They would make an excellent lunch of dinner on a lazy summer day, so have at it!  While I urge you to get the cookbook (every single thing I’ve made from it has been delicious), in the meantime you’re in luck as I found a link to the recipe that I will include below.

For toppings, you’ll be making Patton’s “Sour Creaminess” and combining that with vegan mayo and hot sauce.  You’ll also need some cabbage and tomatoes.  Pretty simple.


The “fish” is made from extra-firm tofu that is marinated in lime juice, seaweed powder, cilantro, chipotle powder and salt and pepper.  They are cooked for about 6 to 8 minutes per side, until nicely browned.  While cooking the tofu, warm up your tortillas so they’re pliable and ready to go.



Finally, assemble your tacos and get ready to be happy!  SOOOO good!



As promised, the link:

Enjoy!  xo


Product Review: Earth Balance Sour Cream & Onion Kettle Chips

If you’re looking for a healthy snack option, keep looking as this is most definitely not it.  But if you’re looking for a thoroughly satisfying vegan version of an old standby snack food, these will scratch that itch.  I figure if you’re going to eat some junk food, this junk is considerably preferable to its non-vegan counterparts, given that it’s GMO-free and cruelty-free, for starters.


These chips are excellent.  Nice and crunchy, with a good ratio of the densely folded variety (I like those).  And somehow, perhaps with a magic wand, the sour cream and onion flavor is legit.  With a nice blast of salt and grease, these are finger-licking good.  And only to be consumed once in a while!


Enjoy!  xo