Swoon-worthy BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Avocado Slaw

I love the Minimalist Baker, Dana Schutz, and absolutely recommend connecting with her if you haven’t already.  Her cookbook, blog and Instagram feeds are all worth checking out.  To get you started, here’s a recipe that I recently tried that is DELICIOUS and was a huge hit with my people.  She posted the recipe on her blog, and I’ve included a link below.  The only tweaks I made were coating the buns with Vegenaise, squishing avocado on to one side of the bun, and omitting the cashews (although I’m sure they’d be nice).

The first step is to get your hands on some jackfruit.  I used this canned jackfruit, which I picked up at my local food co-op in the “Asian food” section.  The recipe contains details about exactly what kind of jackfruit to look for.


After you drain and rinse the jackfruit, you’ll remove the core (the more solid-looking parts), leaving the shreds.  The next step is to toss these shreds in a spice rub, which ends up looking like this:


Next up, you’re going sizzle this mixture in a hot pan and then simmer it with BBQ sauce (I used Annie’s, but just use your favorite).  As it cooks, use a fork to separate the strands to get a perfect texture.


While the jackfruit simmers, make the slaw.  Do not be tempted to skip this step – it’s a wonderful part of the final sandwich and it’s simple to make (especially if you take Dana’s recommendation and use the Trader Joe’s cruciferous veggie mix like I did).


Assemble the sandwich (I quickly toasted some buns in the oven)…


… and get ready to be very, very happy!


The link with all of the details:


Enjoy!  xo