Seriously Great Tofu Scramble

I love tofu scrambles.  I make a lot of different scrambles with a lot of different vibes and I enjoy them all.  If I had to crown the King of All Scrambles, though, that prize might have to go to this one.  It’s a heavy duty, seriously filling, decadent sort of scramble that feels just right on a lazy, cozy weekend morning.  I came upon it via the Hot Knives guys, and their link provides a full demonstration so I won’t replicate that here.  I will say that the one tweak I made was adding just a smidge of black salt (aka Kala Namak) during the seasoning sessions.  Not vital but mighty nice (and eggy).  And I will also say that the technique of letting the scramble sit for a bit leads to heavenly browned bits, a technique that should be used every time you make a scramble.  Final thought:  you can use this recipe as a base and just add whatever ingredients you are craving at the time.  The sausage definitely makes it a lot heavier, so when you’re not feeling it, just leave it out.  Or put in more veggies.  Or… no rules!

Here’s the link:

And here’s a quick pic of my scramble in process.  Look at those browned bits!!!


Yum.  Enjoy!  xo


Zucchini Pizza Bites

You can file this under “Easiest Recipes on the Planet,” or something along those lines.  One of Queenie’s summer camp counselors posted a photo of some zucchini pizza bites that she made, and we promptly had to recreate the experience – multiple times!  Thanks, CT, for the great idea.

All you need are a few zucchini (we used three) and whatever pizza toppings make you happy.  The first time we made these, we simply used jarred pizza sauce plus shredded vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart mozarella, to be precise).  The second time, we kept half of them simple like the first time and played with the other half (some got a pepperoni slice, some were topped with black olives).  Obviously, you can do anything your heart desires.  Once they’re topped, just pop them in a preheated oven until cooked and tasty.  We did a 425-degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes.





Super easy.  Super tasty.  Downright fun!

Enjoy!  xo