Enchilada Casserole

I recently took the “Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas with Avocado-Cilantro Cream Sauce” from the Oh She Glows cookbook and played with them a bit, ending up with an enchilada casserole that pleased this family tremendously.  The recipe is on page 147 of this excellent book (which is absolutely worth adding to your cookbook collection if you haven’t already), and the author also published it on her website (link provided below).  While the recipe is excellent exactly as is, I made a few tweaks to it (partly due to laziness – I didn’t feel like individually wrapping enchiladas that day), which are tasty, too.

Basically, I doubled the recipe, and rather than using black beans, I used Butler Soy Curls instead.  Just reconstitute the Curls in water (or you could use broth for more flavor), and then either broil them or sizzle them in a frying pan or wok for a bit.  What you’re trying to do is remove some of the excess moisture and crisp up the edges so the filling isn’t too squishy when it comes together.

Then, just proceed with the recipe as written, except you’ll layer a casserole dish as follows:  enchilada sauce; layer of tortillas; layer of filling; layer of sauce; repeat until it’s how you want it, ending with sauce on top.  A note on the sauces:  absolutely, definitely make the “5-Minute Enchilada Sauce” recipe in the book.  It is super easy and the rewards are HUGE.  It’s absolutely delicious and elevates this dish beyond what any store-bought sauce could do.  I used to use canned enchilada sauce.  No more.  This sauce recipe is not in the link below (seems she developed it later), and it isn’t published on the Oh She Glows site.  However, if you search for it, you’ll find some other bloggers who have posted it.  As I don’t know whether they did so with permission or not, I’m not posting it here, but you can get your hands on it.  Better yet, buy the book!

Another note on sauces:  don’t skip the Avocado-Cilantro Cream Sauce!!!  It’s a crucial component of the dish, the perfect bright green counterpoint to the rich enchiladas.  Yum!

Here’s what your casserole will look like (I kept the Avocado-Cilantro Cream Sauce on the side, so it’s not in this shot):


And here’s a link to the enchilada recipe:


There are some differences between the online recipe and the one in the book (the sauce, the amount of sweet potatoes), but it should be a good starting point.

Enjoy!  xo


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