Matthew Kenney’s Black Pepper Kelp Noodles

As much as I am absolutely smitten with the Pacific Northwest, I do occasionally miss favorite dishes from my old restaurant haunts.  One that I was craving lately was the Black Pepper Kelp Noodles from Matthew Kenney’s restaurant, M.A.K.E., a wonderful raw restaurant in Santa Monica.  The dish is fresh, unique and fabulous, and I was pretty resigned to the idea that I’d have to wait until my next trip to Southern California to satisfy this particular craving.

On the off chance that the recipe might be floating around the internet, I did a search and was thrilled to find it!  I just made it for lunch, and even though it’s not exactly the same as the restaurant version, it’s delicious and satisfied my hankering quite nicely.  The restaurant does fancy things like dehydrate the olives, which I may try next time, but for today I just did a super quick version, which worked great.

Here’s the recipe:

Here’s what my dish looked like (I didn’t have pea tendrils, which would make it even tastier and prettier):


And here’s a link to M.A.K.E.  The next time you’re in the Los Angeles area, it’s definitely a place worth trying.  The food is innovative and clean and interesting.

Oh boy – while poking around on Kenney’s site just now, I noticed that they’re going to open a new restaurant in Venice soon that would have been walking distance from my old house.  Sigh.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that he will one day want to establish a presence in the greater Seattle area.  In the meantime, hooray for the internet!

Enjoy!  xo