Thyme for Tofu Scramble

A friend recently gave me some dried thyme from her garden.  When I opened the charming package, it smelled divine, and I wanted to use it in something immediately.  After scanning the ‘fridge and pantry shelves, I decided to make a tofu scramble that would feature the thyme.  It turned out delicious – one of my favorite tofu scrambles ever.  However, since I was completely winging it the first time, I went back and made it again a few days later, jotting down what I was doing this time, to see if I could replicate what I’d done.  Good news:  the second try was just as tasty as the first.

My inspiration:



Having this great ingredient definitely elevated my dish.  While any thyme you have on hand will work, if you can get your hands on some super delicious, freshly dried stuff like this, it will make a big difference.

The first thing I did was sizzle a bit of garlic in olive oil.  You want to brown it gently, being careful not to burn it.



Next, add some chopped broccoli to the hot oil, followed by some mushrooms.  (Note:  these veggies are what I had on hand and what I like in a scramble.  Feel free to substitute whatever you prefer.)



Crumble up some extra firm tofu and add it to your pan.  Now you’re going to season it.  I should warn you that when I’m in “wing it” mode, I’m not measuring exactly.  I’m seasoning to taste, and that’s what you’ll be doing, too, using my suggestions as a jumping off point.  Given that thyme was the starting point of this recipe, I first crumbled a generous amount into the pan.  Next I added a pinch of dried tarragon and a pinch of black salt.  (Quick note:  if you don’t know what black salt is, it’s also known as Kala Namak and can be found at Indian markets.  It has a pungent, sulfuric smell that creates an egg-like sensation in vegan scrambles quite nicely.  A little goes a long way!)  I ground a lot of black pepper into the mix next, followed by a splash of soy sauce, about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and about a teaspoon of Dijon mustard.  Stir until everything is incorporated and heated through.



Add salt to taste.  You’re done!



Enjoy!  xo


2 thoughts on “Thyme for Tofu Scramble

  1. It’s like you’re reading my mind! I was just online yesterday browsing tofu scramble recipes. This will be my first effort. I grow a couple of varieties of thyme in my garden (along with rosemary, chives, sage, oregano, etc.) so it’s always just a few feet from my kitchen. This looks so yummy!

    Question: do you bother to press your tofu first? I do sometimes, sometimes not.

    • How perfect! So glad to help. And I’ve got some other great tofu scramble recipes around that I’m happy to share with you. Do you have Alicia Silverstone’s book “The Kind Diet”? The scramble in there is super delish (Asian vibe). And the recipe from “Vegan with a Vengeance” is pretty yummy, too.

      To answer your question about pressing the tofu, like you I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. In this case, I didn’t. If I’m using extra firm tofu, I don’t think it generally needs it in a scramble, although there’s some variation in firmness between brands, so there might be an exception to this generalization. When you first take it out of the package, give it a gentle squeeze. If it’s gushing liquid and wants to fall apart, press it. If you’ve only got firm tofu sitting around, you’ll want to press that. My favorite way of doing so is the Tofuxpress, a handy gadget to have around, especially for other uses of tofu which benefit from a quick pressing.

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