Stone Fruit Salad with Sweet Almond Ricotta

It has been HOT here in the Seattle area, so we’ve been eating a lot of food that doesn’t require heating.  Lots of salads and sandwiches and fruit.  Happily, it’s stone fruit season, so the offerings are plentiful and delicious.  But this morning, I wanted to jazz things up a bit, so I turned to Judita Wignall’s terrific book, Raw & Simple.  Technically, I turned to it last night, as one of the items in this recipe requires a little planning:  you need to soak the almonds, which I did overnight.  This morning, I turned those soaked almonds into Judita’s yummy sweet almond ricotta by adding young Thai coconut meat, agave nectar, vanilla, salt and water.  Then it was just a matter of cutting up some tasty fruit, chopping up some almonds, sprinkling the whole thing with fresh mint, and whisking together the dressing ingredients (agave, olive oil, orange juice, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar).  In truth, the dressing step could be skipped, since the fruit can more than stand alone.  However, the dressing definitely adds a tasty element to it, so I recommend trying it.  Simple, as Judita promised, and lovely.


Enjoy!  xo


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