Home-made Pad Thai!

Queenie adores Pad Thai, and I’ve experimented with many recipes over the years.  I tried this one out last night and it was quite pleasing.  It’s from ExtraVeganZa by Laura Matthias, a book with lots of tasty recipes in it.  While the dish is not at all traditional, the sauce has a nice range of flavors.  I’d make a few tweaks next time, but it was definitely a good base to play with.

The dish comes together quickly in a wok, so you’ll want to have everything ready to go when you make it.  There’s the aforementioned yummy sauce, which contains rice vinegar, tamari, rice syrup, peanut butter and olive oil.


Have your cooked noodles standing by.  I used brown rice fettucini by Tinkyada.


Chop all of your other ingredients and you’re ready to go.  The first batch of things to be tossed in the wok includes tofu, garlic, ginger, scallions, red pepper flakes, salt and sliced yam (I mentioned that it’s not traditional, right?).  Cook for a couple of minutes until the yam softens, which happens more quickly than you might think.


Next, add sliced red bell pepper, chopped bok choy and water chestnuts.


Give these a quick stir for a minute or two, and then add the sauce and cooked noodles.  Once everything is heated and mixed, remove from the heat and add lime juice.


Voila – a tasty plate of food.  Next time, I’d use less yam (while it’s interesting and healthy, it dominated the dish a bit) and way more bok choy.  Yum!


Enjoy!  xo


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