Tasty Hummus Bowl a la Isa Chandra Moskowitz

I’ve been making a lot of the bowl recipes from Isa Does It lately, and they have all been delicious.  Yesterday, it was the “Cucumber Ranch Bowl” (page 200), and it was great.  The breaded tofu was super yummy, as was the cucumber ranch dressing.  Put it all together and it will disappear quickly!  Today, it was the “Cozy Hummus Bowl” (page 201).  This recipe is simple:  brown rice, greens, baked tofu, tomato, cucumber, sprouts (if you’ve got them – I didn’t) and hummus.  The secret, though, is that this particular hummus has some kalamata olives mixed in.  SOOOO good.  Not sure why I haven’t done that before, but I can assure you that I will be doing it again soon, both for bowls and general consumption.  If you have any appreciation for olives at all, I recommend that you do the same.  Yum.


Enjoy!  xo


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