Chocolate Banana Bread to Sweeten Your VegWeek

This delicious banana bread is not only vegan, it’s gluten-free, too, so you can make it for all of your gf friends.  The recipe hails from the Babycakes cookbook by Erin McKenna, and while I certainly recommend getting your hands on the book (everything I’ve made from it has been super yummy), Erin also posted a link for this recipe a while back, which I’m including below.  You can make this yourself tonight!  Tomorrow morning, at the latest.  

Queenie and I used to be regulars at the Babycakes shops in Los Angeles before we moved to Washington.  Now that we can no longer pop in whenever we feel like it, I’m quite grateful to have Erin’s recipes at hand.  She also did a second book, entitled Babycakes Covers the Classics.  Can you say gluten-free, vegan donuts?????  And if you find yourself in LA or Manhattan, be sure to pop into the Babycakes shop.  They are charming establishments filled to the brim with delicious sweets, and every single one of them is vegan and gluten-free.

Here’s the recipe for the banana bread:

And here’s what it will look like while you’re making it:


(I use Sunspire’s grain-sweetened dark chocolate chips, but any kind will be fine.)  Here it is, just out of the oven:


Yes, I used two loaf pans even though the recipe suggests using only one.  I have found that the loaf recipes in the Babycakes books explode out of my pan when I use just one.  I have also found that they take forever to finish baking when I use just one.  So my solution:  use two.  Works for me.


Enjoy!  xo


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