Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach

This is what Queenie enjoyed for lunch yesterday.  The recipe hails from Isa Chadra Moskowitz’s book, Appetite for Reduction, and she sums it up quite nicely:  “This is a perfect, no-nonsense recipe for when you want your pasta, protein and veggies all in one big bowl, and don’t want to futz around too much.”  Yep.  It’s quick, easy, hearty and tasty, easily whipped up for a school lunch or a quick dinner.  It’s tomatoes (canned this time of year, but fresh ones in the summer elevate it, to be sure), a healthy dose of garlic, white beans, pasta, spinach and a few seasonings.  Simple and delish.  Sorry the photo’s so messy.  I was focused on getting Queenie ready for school and not on making the food look pretty for its close-up.  It’s much tastier and more attractive than this pic would suggest!



Enjoy!  xo


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