Roasted Delicata Squash Stuffed with White Beans, Greens & Sage

One of the things I love about our CSA, in addition to the contents of the weekly box, is that the farm’s website features a long list of recipes specifically targeting the ingredients they share each week.  It’s a great idea, especially for those items that you might not use as often as others.  Today, I pulled up a recipe for Delicata squash, and it turned out great.  At one point during the cooking process, Queenie called out from the other room:  “That smells REALLY good,” and it did.  And after I’d stuffed the squash, she happily polished off the leftover filling.

Here’s the recipe:    (sorry – can’t get the “link” function to work properly, so you will have to cut-and-paste until I can sort it out.)

The only bit of “veganizing” I had to do was the Parmesan cheese.  You can either make your own, use a store-bought brand or skip the step and just put a little salt and oil in your breadcrumbs.  (I used a store-bought one this time around.)

Here’s what it will look like:


Perfect cold-weather fare.

Enjoy!  xo


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