A Happy Surprise

Yesterday, Queenie, Mr. Man and I headed out to Carnation, Washington to Oxbow Organic Farm.  It’s only a short drive and yet it’s a world away, out in the gorgeous countryside.  It’s a lovely spot, and it was an absolutely glorious day for our adventure.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.

Oxbow Farm was having a Hoe Down to celebrate the season.  There were tons of fun things for children and adults to do, including weaving flower wreaths for our hair, sampling fresh-pressed apple cider, wandering in mazes and picking pumpkins from an actual, giant patch.  This is quite different from the parking lot “patches” we had in LA!

The one thing I wasn’t counting on was vegan food.  I had heard there would be a food truck or two, but since that doesn’t always go well, I had some bars and nuts in my bag, just in case.  I am happy to report that I never needed to go to my stash, as there was a delicious and super vegan-friendly truck called Fez on Wheels with options galore.



The people in the truck were very friendly and quite happy to walk us through what was already vegan and what could be “veganized.”  We ended up with a thoroughly delicious and satisfying feast, starting with quite possibly the best hummus of all time!


Egyptian Ful Mudammas is a dish that I’d never heard of before but now love, love, love.  In case it’s new for you, too, here’s the official description from the website:  Whole And Mashed Beans, Tomatoes, Onion, And Fresh Cilantro And Parsley Spiked With Lemon And Toasted Cumin. Served With Flatbread.  And here’s me adding:  oh that flatbread.  SOOOO good.


I don’t usually drink anything other than water with my meals, but the folks at Fez on Wheels make their own very unique sodas to order, so I tried the Saffron Rose and Mr. Man tried the Ginger Chili.  Wow.


My doodle on the table sums it up:


I love when you go into a situation expecting nothing and get your socks blown off!



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