Vegan MoFo 29: Vegan Bliss in Seattle

Queenie, Mr. Man and I have been looking forward to today because it promised to be pretty blissful for a bunch of vegans.  Indeed it was!

Vegan Haven, the wonderful vegan grocery shop that is a fundraising source for the also wonderful Pigs Peace Sanctuary, was hosting a vegan bake sale all day.  Hip, hip, hooray!! Tons of kind, generous bakers donated home-made treats to raise money for the sanctuary.  And, of course, all of the usual tasty offerings were available at Vegan Haven.   Queenie left quite happy, with her pockets stuffed with various candies.  

I figured if we were going to be there anyway, we had to have lunch at Pizza Pi, the delicious vegan pizzeria in the next block.  So to the University District we headed, and feast we did.  My plan was to document this outing for blogging purposes, but I was having so much fun that I completely forgot to reach for my camera.  Hence, some general pics will have to do.

Here’s the adorable Vegan Haven:


Here’s one of the many piggies whom they support at their sanctuary (that’s Queenie, giving a belly rub):


And here’s the fabulous Pizza Pi:


It wasn’t part of the original plan, but once we were in the vicinity, we found that we could not stay away from Violet Sweet Shoppe, so off we went.  A visit to Violet Sweet Shoppe is always, always a good idea.


A very happy day!  xo


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