Vegan MoFo 26: Tahini-Watercress Dressing

One thing that’s been difficult about moving to a new city has been leaving beloved restaurants behind.  One of our very favorites was Real Food Daily.  Queenie and I ate at the Santa Monica location on a very regular basis and are missing quite a few of their delicious dishes.  Happily, I’m able to make some of them because the owner and visionary behind RFD, Ann Gentry, has written two cookbooks.

Lately, I’ve been craving the RFD house salad.  In the restaurant, it’s a simple blend of greens and shredded carrots and shredded beets.  It’s the dressing that is especially wonderful.  I should disclose that I adore tahini.  I could probably put it on just about anything and be happy with the result.  This dressing is all about the tahini.  It’s not a mild addition to the recipe.  It’s front and center.  This works for me (and how!), but if you’re less enamored with tahini then you might want to try the RFD Caesar dressing on the next page (Queenie’s personal favorite).  The cookbook I’m referencing is The Real Food Daily Cookbook, the first of Gentry’s books.

For the tahini dressing, put all of the following in a blender:  watercress, TAHINI!, lemon juice, scallions, tamari, water, garlic.


Blend until very smooth.  It will be a beautiful, bright green.


I slathered it on a bed of greens, to which I’d added shredded zucchini and shredded carrots.  Simple and absolutely divine.  So happy to be able to make this when my RFD tahini craving strikes.


As Gentry notes, this recipe isn’t limited to salads, saying it “can be used on grain dishes, pressed salads, and – the most popular way at RFD – over the entire Real Food Meal,” which is basically a bowl consisting of grains, legumes and vegetables.  In other words, pour it on everything!

Enjoy!  xo


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