Vegan MoFo 25: Green Juicy-ness

There is a reason that the green juice craze has been such an enduring one:  because green juice is good and good for you!  In a couple of swigs of tasty juice, you can get a lot of readily available nutrients delivered right to your system.  That’s a craze I can get behind.  

I bought a juicer a few years ago after reading Victoria Boutenko and Kris Carr, among others, extolling the virtues of greens in liquid form.  I love the endless combinations of juice that can be made, and I love how starting the day with a glass of green juice always makes me feel great.

My standard green juice is a riff on Kris Carr’s standard green juice, and it goes something like this (subject to what I have around):  cucumber, broccoli stem, kale, apple, celery, lemon, ginger.  It looks something like this:


A couple of years ago, the “Skittles Juice” was featured on the PPK 100.  I became instantly addicted to the sweet tartness of this juice and made it a lot.  So much that I needed to take a break from it.  But this morning, I decided the time had come to make it again.  It’s just Granny Smith apples, parsley, ginger and lemon juice, and it’s super yummy.


Just run everything except the lemon through your juicer, then squeeze lemon juice into it at the end.  (Or have your kid do it, if you happen to have one sitting around… Queenie loves “feeding” the juicer.)



You’ll end up with a glass of deliciousness!


I go in phases with my juicing, as sometimes I get tired of the clean-up after.  But it’s really not that bad, and considering how good I feel when I’m doing it consistently, it’s well worth the trade-off.

Here’s the original Skittles Juice link:

Enjoy!  xo



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