Vegan MoFo 20: Throwing Something Together

In the past week or so, our weather had been cooling off nicely, and it’s been starting to feel like autumn.  That got me yearning for different flavor profiles and things that take a nice, long time to simmer, filling the home with delicious aromas.  

That changed 2 days ago, when the clouds rolled away and the sun started blazing again.  This weather shift is great for outdoor activities, but it rendered the big vat of lentil soup I’d been planning on making last night less than appealing.  So I peeked in the ‘fridge and threw this together:


On the left, we’ve got mixed greens and some of the delicious pickled beets from Purdy’s Organics tossed with Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Ranch dressing.  On the right, quesadillas made with Food for Life’s sprouted corn tortillas and Daiya’s Pepper Jack shreds, topped with Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Sour Cream.  Not the most exciting meal, but it checked the quick and satisfying boxes quite nicely.

It pays to keep stuff on hand that comes together easily.

Enjoy!  xo


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