Vegan MoFo 13: Quinoa Lentil Salad

It’s been hot here in the Seattle area, so for lunch yesterday, I wanted something that I could eat either chilled or at room temperature.  I also wanted something that would be filling (and super yummy, of course).  What I opted to do was cook this up in the morning, so I could leave the stove off the rest of the day.

This is an adaptation of Sanae Suzuki’s “Couscous Salad” from her wonderful book, Love Sanae.  As she details in the book, she used the macrobiotic way of cooking (and living) to support her recovery from ovarian cancer.  It’s an inspiring story, and she’s an inspiring, wonderful woman.  All of her recipes are delicious and leave you feeling centered, nourished and happy.  Seriously.  I thoroughly recommend all of the books that she and her equally wonderful husband, Eric Lechausseur, have written (Love Eric; Love Eric & Sanae).  They have something very special going on.

For this dish, there are two components that are combined at the end.  On one burner, get your lentils going.  They are a combination of French lentils, onion and kombu.  When they’re fully cooked, simply flavor them with a bit of soy sauce.  That’s it.


On the other burner, I made quinoa.  Sanae’s recipe calls for couscous, but I always go the quinoa route with it.  Either way would be dandy.  In this sauce pan, I’ve got the quinoa (well rinsed, of course), a couple of colors of heirloom carrots, some olive oil and a tiny bit of salt.  


The final ingredient is sugar snap peas.  Sanae calls for blanching them quickly (for less than a minute), which makes sense.  But due to a combination of laziness and the fact that I like the crunch that raw snap peas give, I opt to skip this step and just add them, chopped up, at the end.


That’s it.  The flavors really come together beautifully, and it’s a satisfying meal all by itself.  We ate this at room temp, but you can also save and refrigerate for later.  As I write this, it occurs to me that it would make an excellent wrap filling, too… if we ever have leftovers of it!


Enjoy!  xo


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